Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will a website cost me?

    Well, how long is a piece of string? Seriously though, it depends on how big and how cool, beautiful, and/or funky you want your website to be. We can cater for people with a budget in the hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands. To get an estimate, send us a message via our online form giving as much detail about your requirements as possible.

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  • Do you realise I can get a 5 page site for £299?

    Yes we do, but there's an old saying, "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys."

    The reality is that some of these companies offer sites this cheap because they use the same template they've used for hundreds of other sites, with code that was probably originally written 5 years ago.

    We pride ourselves on designs that give people a good impression of your company, and code that is clean, valid, semantic, and is in line with the standards set out by the W3C.

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  • But it's the credit crunch!

    Erm, that's not a question. But anyway, we appreciate the current financial climate, which is why we have to make sure we're making a profit too. Would you want us to create a website for you, to only later find out we can't look after it anymore because we're bankrupt? Now that's a question!

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  • I hate talking over the phone, can you meet with me/us?

    Sure we can. We're happy to meet potential clients in person. We can meet you at your place of business, a coffee shop or even a pub. If you're based in London (England) then we'll meet you free of charge. Any further and we may charge travel expenses, which may be deducted from your invoice should you choose to use our services.

    Whatever your location, please contact us to see what we can arrange.

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  • Are there any types of businesses you wont do work for?

    We want our employees to be comfortable with the work they are doing, and so we reserve to right to refuse work for any companies who's nature of business or site content conflicts with the beliefs of those who work for Little Blue Web Limited.

    Therefore we will not take on work that involves promoting pornography, adult services, tobacco, narcotics, gambling, weapons, armed forces, religious organizations (including charities backed by such), politics and racism.

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  • Why should I care if you use valid XHTML and CSS?

    You don't have to care, but we still do.

    For us, valid code is important because because it helps to ensure that your pages will render correctly across the majority of web browsers, even new browsers that are released. It also makes it easier for us to maintain and improve your site.

    So why use it as a selling point? Well, when people buy a car, some care more about what it looks like, some care more about the engine, and some care about both. When it comes to websites, we focus on both the design and the code, so we cater for all three types of people!

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  • Should I be bothered about accessibility?

    Of course you should. Shops have ramps so that wheelchair users can gain easier access, and in the same way, caring about accessibility on your website allows people with sight and hearing impairments, as well as those with cognitive disorders, to gain access to the same information and use the same services as any other individual.

    Caring for this shows your business is impartial and opens up your business to as many people as possible.

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  • Do you do animation on websites?

    If you are speaking about Flash animation, we can, but we prefer not to. The reason for this is that Flash content cannot be indexed by search engines, and it also requires the users to have a plugin installed. However, there are quite a few effects that can be achieved without Flash, using JavaScript. For an example of this, click one of the images on the portfolio page of this site.

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  • Why isn't [insert browser here] on your list of supported browsers?

    This could be for a number of reasons. It could be an older browser, or it could be a browser so new it's in the beta stages. We generally aim for the browsers most widely used, but because we use valid XHTML and CSS, it is quite likely that our pages will work on that browser, providing it conforms to W3C standards.

    If you really are concerned about how your pages render on a particular browser, contact us and we'll see how we can help.

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  • Can you guarantee me top spot in the search rankings?

    Simply put, no. No one can. There are always other companies that are striving to get up to that spot, so while you may get there, staying there is another thing. What we can do though, is monitor the results you are getting on a regular basis, and make adjustments to help improve your position. Contact us to get an estimate.

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  • Do you host websites on-site?

    No, we use an external hosting company. We do this firstly to save costs for both us and you, and secondly so that we can concentrate on making your site great, while the hosting company and their dedicated team concentrates on keeping the servers running.

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